Mastercard & Visa to Stop Processing Payments to Pornhub

Mastercard & Visa to Stop Processing Payments to Pornhub

Online payment companies Visa and Mastercard, have decided to stop processing payments to the online pornographic site Pornhub, after an active newspaper columnist Nicholas Kristof, alleged that the site shows explicit videos like rape, underage sex, revenge pornography, etc. Kristof wrote, “The issue is not pornography but rape.”

Let us agree that promoting assaults on children or anyone without consent is unconscionable. To which Pornhub said the allegations of the sexual abuse of children were “irresponsible and flagrantly untrue.” Pornhub also added,

Pornhub also added

To this, Kristof again wrote that Pornhub does not filter illegal content depicting violence completely, and their videos can be downloaded directly from the website, therefore illicit materials can spread even after they are taken down from the site.

Both the payment platforms are investigating the fact and will soon be coming out with their respective decisions if allegations against it are proved to be true. Pornhub blatantly denied these allegations against it and said in a statement released to the Associated Press on Sunday, that every upload is thoroughly screened by professional moderators before they go live on the Pornhub platform, and every illegal material is removed, therefore, such allegations cannot be true. 

In support of his statement Nicholas Kristof, called out last year’s incident when another similar online payment service PayPal having a holding of 1.51% on the platform withdrew its services following the same allegations. Both Visa and Mastercard have assured to investigate the matter in-depth and would be taking necessary actions.

To this Visa said,

To this Visa said

Mastercard also released a statement against these allegations that reads,

Mastercard Statement

It also said that it will not tolerate any illegal activity on its payment getaway and justice will be served if anything illegal is found. Mastercard. Inc works with the law enforcement organization, National Center for Missing & Exploited Children to detect such illegal transactions.

Canada’s prime minister Justin Trudeau also assured that his government is working with the police to address such issues raised by Mr. Kristof.

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