Rainmaker Builds the Create-to-Earn Model with MATIC and NFTs

Rainmaker Builds the Create-to-Earn Model with MATIC and NFTs

The Ethereum scaling project Polygon’s week in the market looks positive. Despite the momentary falling actions due to the ongoing attack on Ukraine by Russia, MATIC has posted an overall growth of more than 12% for the last seven days. They climbed nearly 4% in the last 24 hours to reach a convenient position at $1.61. But we have not even come to the good news yet. The decentralized social media platform Rainmaker has recently added MATIC to the create-to-earn model, following the coin’s consistent performance in the market.

Yes, Polygon’s MATIC will be integrating with the Rainmaker ecosystem to combine their resources and expose the two projects to a wider client base. Thanks to this integration, the users will now be able to receive their earnings from the platform in MATIC, in addition to NFTs. The scalability and affordability of Polygon combined with the design of Rainmaker will help users monetize content similar to what they create on Facebook or Twitter and earn passive income.

After starting out as Matic solutions, the project underwent a makeover in 2021 to be ole Polygon. The project was developed by Jayanti Kanani in 2017 to address the issues related to scalability and cost on Ethereum. Polygon has stayed in the limelight for a few months in a row now. This scaling solution is indeed one of the most sought-after projects, with more than 7000 dApps already using it. The native MATIC coin Polygon also entered the new year with positive predictions all around. According to this statistics backed MATIC price prediction, the token could potentially soar above $3 after just one year.

This anticipated growth to MATIC could be realized primarily with potential partnerships and integrations with other growing projects. Polygon has been really busy for the past few months as far as partnerships are considered. Along the line, Rainmaker will go into a partnership with Polygon now. This is a social media project powered by blockchain technology to make social networking a financially productive activity. This model helps the users to determine the value of their creation by removing the corporate monopolies out of the way with the help of decentralization.

This is an innovative area for Polygon to establish utility for the MATIC tokens as every aspect of the internet is currently experimenting with decentralization. Deals such as this that ensure the mobility of the coin in the market confirm its rally to the predicted mark. Moreover, this move could empower the polygon community, particularly the independent investors, a way to passive income and, thus, ensure customer retention. With everything being said, we can clearly see that the positive side of this integration clearly outweighs any, although unintentional, negative aspects by a huge margin. If the deal influences the trading volume as intended, the bullish sentiment for MATIC would no longer be a long shot.

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