Jennifer Loper

Jennifer Loper has worked as a news writer for some regional newspapers before joining with FinancePre. Here, she covers all the breaking news stories regarding business and finance from across the globe. She has written multiple news articles on finance industry including investment, banking and more.
Lynn Romero

Lynn Romero is a journalist and news editor of FinancePre. Before joining here, she has worked with multiple positions like media editor, news writer, reporter etc all at some foremost publications. She is a regular contributor of daily news article on finance industry. In her free time, she try to improve her analytical skills for trading.
James Jackson

James Jackson has worked as a journalist for more than a decade and then recently joined FinancePre team as a news editor. He has worked for print, television and radio. But, from the beginning he wants to be writer. And now he regularly contribute weekly in-depth news article on finance and economy industry across the world.
Jane Festa

Jane Festa has been a journalist covering business and finance news for FinancePre. Before joining our team, she has worked as a reporter, writer, editor and lot more positions. She is fond of finance industry from the beginning and she is a trader also. She has a strong network by which she always contribute authentic news stories.
Michael Wright

Michael Wright worked as a news writer for local newspapers covering everything from entertainment to politics. But after certain period of time, he followed his passion for finance. Currently, he is news editor of FinancePre and writes news stories about global economy, finance, business and a lot more.
William Dotson

William Dotson previously worked for media publications and has written multiple number of articles ranging from finance to entertainment. At present, he is a sub-editor at FinancePre. Now, he regularly curates news stories on finance and business industry.