Cardano’s Da Vinci’s Locker Goes Live with Private Sale

Cardano’s Da Vinci’s Locker Goes Live with Private Sale

Da Vinci’s Locker offers its users a feature to get their NFTs traded across multiple blockchains. In other words, it completely eliminates the fear of one digital work getting duplicated on another blockchain network. For this purpose, Da Vinci’s Locker deploys Atomic Swap or Virtual machines, making it the NFT marketplace for all the blockchains.

Owners get a sense of security along with an opportunity of earning the entire revenue without having to pay the middleman any commission. Also, the original creator remains liable to receive royalties every time his or her digital artwork is traded on any blockchain network.

Da Vinci’s Locker’s Private Sale Begins

The functionality of Da Vinci’s Locker is simple to understand. It basically enables individuals to turn their intellectual properties into a unique Blockchain Coded Token. This mitigates the fear of duplication.

ADA, at the time of writing, is at $1.21. As more and more projects are similar to Da Vinci’s Locker launch, the Cardano price prediction estimates that it will go on to touch the mark of $2.4 by the end of the year.

Since Da Vinci’s Locker is a community-driven platform, it expands the functionality to all the blockchain networks.

The aim of Da Vinci’s Locker is to represent the needs and wants of the NFT community. Da Vinci’s Locker will, therefore, encourage more participation of the community members. Their involvement will majorly reflect in decision-making and voting procedure that relates to the crucial concerns of the cross-chain NFT marketplace.

Cardano’s version of OpenSea’s smart contracts is being leveraged by Da Vinci’s Locker’s NFT marketplace. At the moment, there is no comment on the modification or introduction of a new smart contract.

The private sale of Da Vinci’s Locker goes live on April 05, 2022, at 1 am CET. Interested users can visit the official site to check out the collection and trade their favorite NFT.

Even though the launch is recent, the team has already set a roadmap for the long-term operations of the cross-chain NFT marketplace. Da Vinci’s Locker has committed to remaining driven by the community. It will emphasize the participation of members through regular feedback.

It will further look to integrate more tools like analytical and creation of derivative NFTs. Cardano’s Da Vinci’s Locker is also planning to introduce a new type of NFT that will have built-in utility.

The mission statement highlights that the team will remain firm on the grounds of creating a fully decentralized and multi-functional NFT platform. With the tag of Cardano in its name, there is no doubt that the team will do wonders in the times to come.

Cardano, or ADA token, hugely benefits from its association. The more services and products it offers to new players, the more investors and traders look for long-term benefits of their virtual holdings.

The idea of implementing a cross-chain NFT marketplace has a long way to go. Since artists do not have to worry about securing their efforts on different platforms, many more networks will surely look to upgrade to incorporate this idea.

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