How to Mine Dogecoin – Learn and Understand Dogecoin Mining

Dogecoin Mining

Mining digital tokens is a sought-after way of earning cryptocurrencies. It requires strategic efforts where the user has to solve mathematical equations to earn a crypto token. Dogecoin, one of the most popular cryptocurrencies in the world, can be mined as well. Dogecoin mining is an interesting process that has engaged millions of crypto enthusiasts around the world. 

Understanding Dogecoin

Dogecoin is a cryptocurrency that brings fun and excitement to the digital payment system. Developed by software professionals Jackson Palmer and Billy Markus, Dogecoin helps you with instant, secure, and free transactions. It serves as an alternative to traditional banking fees.  Dogecoin is also a profitable investment. For more relevant updates just go over dogecoin news today. By the end of 2021, the DOGE coin price is expected to be $0.08. Towards the end of the next five years, the DOGE would be worth around $0.17. By going through this, you will get clear ideas about DOGE price prediction given by experts so that you can surely apply it to gain more profits.

How Hard Is It to Mine Dogecoin?

Compared to Bitcoin mining, Dogecoin mining is relatively easy. Since DOGE is not as valuable as the top cryptocurrencies in the market, it can be mined easily. The availability of Dogecoin is also considerably high. Dogecoin mining difficulty is a million times less than the difficulty in Bitcoin mining. Winning a block reward while mining Dogecoin has a high likelihood. 

  • While mining Dogecoin, you need to follow a set of rules. These mining rules are compiled together into a mining algorithm or a hashing algorithm.
  • The block time required for Dogecoin mining is pretty low. The average length of time spent on earning a new block of DOGE transactions is checked. This time is added to the Dogecoin blockchain.
  • Every new block of Dogecoin currency is hard to mine. However, the level of difficulty, which is a number, is lower than other crypto mining. Dogecoin mining is quite easy as winning a lottery with good odds. Moreover, the difficulty levels can be adjusted by using the Dogecoin protocol and keeping the block time consistent.

As a reward, a new Dogecoin token is awarded after surpassing the difficulty.

How to Mine a Dogecoin?

To mine Dogecoin, you need a set of hardware and software components. Your computer should have a robust central processing unit to handle the mining process. A powerful CPU is essential to mine Dogecoin. 

The Dogecoin process involves the use of mining software. Dogecoin can be mined with Scrypt miner software. It is powerful with computers that have advanced GPU capabilities. However, the software may cause your PC to overheat and get damaged.

While selecting the GPUs or graphics cards, you should consider selecting between SAPPHIRE Pulse or Radeon RX 580. You can also install Nvidia GeForce GTX and ASUS RX Vega 64. The capabilities of your GPU will sync with the efficiency of your Dogecoin mining software. 

For Dogecoin, you need a Scrypt ASIC miner, which is hardware that runs the algorithms and programs your mining process. ASIC miners are powerful hardware pieces. While they are quite expensive, they can work with almost every Dogecoin mining software. 

Best Dogecoin Mining Software in 2021

There are several options when it comes to finding the best software for Dogecoin mining. In 2021, the prices of the best Dogecoin mining software vary from $760 to $7,700. Here is the best Dogecoin mining software for 2021: 

  • Bitmain Antminer L3 
  • Innosilicon A2 Terminator 
  • BW L21 Scrypt Miner

While selecting the best software for Dogecoin mining, you should also finalize how you’ll be mining the DOGE. For example, some Dogecoin mining software works well with ASIC hardware. Some software is more compatible with GPU-based Dogecoin mining. It is advised to use Dogecoin mining software that suits the best for your ASIC miner hardware. 

CudaMiner and CGminer are the best software for GPU hardware. You can also go for EasyMiner, which is a simple and user-friendly Dogecoin mining software. It is ideal for beginners. MultiMiner is a great software for running complex mining scripts. It can also sync with CGminer and EasyMiner to improve the outcome of ASIC miner hardware.

FAQs on Dogecoin Mining

How is Dogecoin mined?

Dogecoin is mining by using Scrypt miner hardware and running the mining algorithms. Dogecoin mining is easier than other crypto mining as DOGE is a peer-to-peer token, developed with open-source cryptocurrency and used as an altcoin. 

How long does it take to mine Dogecoin?

The block time to mine one Dogecoin is around 1 minute. On average, 1 minute of Dogecoin mining can unlock nearly 10,000 rewards per block to the user. 

How many Dogecoins are left?

There are 127 billion DOGE tokens in total. Out of these, 113 billion Dogecoins are already circulated or mined. Around 14 billion Dogecoins are currently left for the taking. 

Final Thoughts 

The real question is – Is Dogecoin mining profitable? Well, the short answer is, not really. When you mine Dogecoin, there is less likelihood of your wealth doubling overnight. Compared to other crypto coins and altcoins, Dogecoin is not growing at a great speed. It is relatively sluggish in the market movements. The price of 1 DOGE is around $0.056, which is affordable but not that valuable from an investment standpoint. Hence, to make huge profits from Dogecoin mining, you need to create a Dogecoin pool.

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