AAATrade offering investment in over 1,000 unique CFD products


Since the outset of AAATrade, the firm is dedicatedly empowering the private institutions and high-net-worth individuals with gainful investment options in the global financial world. The European investment firm stands on the foundation of sophisticated technology, transparency, and knowledge. The investment firm strives to remain a step ahead by offering a world-class investment platform to provide an unparalleled investment experience to its clients.

The firm allows its clients to trade in over 1,000 CFD products including Forex, commodities, Indices, shares, Futures, ETF and Cryptocurrencies. AAATrade is the only investment firm offering this huge number of trading instruments to its traders. The wide range of options helps the investors to select the instrument of their choice. The firm keeps on adding the new stocks to keep it updated. Recently the firm has enlarged its list by adding some of the most talked –about stocks in its already rich assets list. Unicorn companies with high valuations which have made their debut this year including Uber (UBER), Lyft (LYFT), Zoom (ZM), Pinterest (PINS) and Luckin coffee (LK) are the hottest assets available on AAATrade.

AAATrade which is touted as the next generation broker for CFDs is suitable for seasoned and novice trader equally. Traders can start trading by real account or can test the waters by first starting with the demo account offered by the firm. The highlight of this investment firm is that it offers a separate account for the traders of all the levels. The firm offers ‘Ready to Start Account’ for its newer traders and ‘Experienced Account’ for the seasoned traders.

The firm allows the CFD trading on various products offering the traders with an opportunity to involve in trading of an asset by picking a position on the price movement without having to own any asset in real. The investment firm provides access to more than 10,000 assets, and as the trade is leveraged, the trader doesn’t need much capital to begin trading. Opening an account with AAATrade is free. However, the trade is charged by either spread or commission. A trader can go long or short on the assets by speculating on the rising and falling of their prices. Thus CFD can be an effective way to gain profit with less capital.

The firm offers its clients the award-winning MetaTrader 4 platform for trading which supports stop, limit, market, and trailing orders. The trading platform offered by the firm is user-friendly and intuitive to enhance the trading experience of the trader. Additionally, the platform is available on iOS and Android devices to allow the trading on the go.

On top of that, the firm offers unique tools to its clients to help them trade the market efficiently. The team of experts provides their insights on the world’s financial market. The predictions are made by evaluating and implementing the useful indicators which save the clients’ efforts and money in making the forecasts.

Depending on the deposition made, the firm also offers rebate and positive interest rates to its clients. There is 5% commission rebate on every trade and 0.25% positive interest rate for the balance of 25,000 USD/EUR, and for the balance of 100,00, the commission rate gets as high as 10%.

With the introduction of massive IPO’s, AAATrade has magnified its already rich list of assets. This innovative and consumer-oriented step taken by the firm makes it one of the most efficient and reliable investment platforms.

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