US Business Owners make a Choice –Advantage of doing business in China is more significant than the dangers of losing trade secrets

US Business Owners

China considers enhancing its safety and mushroom production. China has enough wealth, while Alonzo who is the largest indoor operator of growing mushroom facilities in the US know how to do. A 48-year-old farmer in exchange for a minority stake in the joint enterprise decided to help the Chinese growers to educate how to make use of the Dutch environment control system to sustain optimal temperature and humidity to grow mushrooms indoors throughout the year. This is what the Chinese lack behind in knowing.

Alonzo who is the owner of Pietro Industries which is the largest family of mushroom farms located at Chester County in Pennsylvania noticed the opportunity that it might carry his 80 years old family farm to earn a record-breaking profit and reach high market level.

The project is going to acquire more than US $250 million through Chinese funding for nearly next 5 years and is estimated to yield around 200 million pounds of mushroom in a year at new indoor farms located in the cities of China’s eastern Anhui province which is 10 times more than the yearly output of around 19 million pounds in Kennett Square located at Alonzo’s farm.

In recent times, the communities of the Pennsylvania town of around 6000 of them have listened to stories that the Chinese companies are trying to borrow the technology of America, although the outlook does not even disturb Alonzo.

He said that he read in the news about the forced tech transfer although it is not applicable to us. For China, it’s not easy to steal my knowledge as it is very much difficult to learn. From past 25 years I have been growing mushrooms, and yet I am still learning how to grow?

Duplicate chips can easily be manufactured, but in agriculture, it’s not easy. Mother Nature will be throwing curve balls at you, and you should be capable and quick enough to deal with different situations every day.

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The commissioner of Chester County Terrence Farrell who had presented Alonzo to Thomas Yang who is a Chinese lawyer recently turned into an entrepreneur in Anhui confirmed about it.

Farell said that the Chinese could surely learn how to use the computer system although it’s only the sauce that can form a barbecue. And the uniqueness of Alonzo’s is in its experience. You need to soak your figure in and tell that that you need more of cayenne.

During the first glimpse, Alonzo’s a joint company had only little to do with the administration of Trump’s criticism as they evoke China of pushing foreign companies to surrender technologies to gain access to the gigantic market or to steal them completely.

It is impressive to know how much US companies are trying to put their stake regardless of the risk of losing out the essential knowledge that has helped to create their business.

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