Samsung also is planning to adopt blockchain technology

Samsung also is planning

There have been talks about Samsung Electronics adopting the technology of blockchain. They are also trying to enter the circle of blockchain as well as digital currencies, and it is becoming more intense in South Korea as the digital currency followers continue to postulate that its next flagship smartphone that is supposed to be launched on February 20 will consist of a digital currency wallet pre-installed in it.

Consultant of blockchain of South Korea, Kim Mi-ra said that suppose the smartphone of Samsung were pre-installed with the cryptocurrency wallets they would bring a big change to everything. It would open a lot of doors for people who develop smartphone around the world and also many companies in South Korea. Several firms are trying to implement the same and are awaiting the chance of integrating their businesses with the digital currency.

Recently a few photos of a new Galaxy smartphone that showed the functioning of the wallet was leaked, a few of news outlet of South Korea said that they were actually genuine. One of the news reports said, “the ‘Galaxy 10’ is expected to be equipped with a ‘wallet’ that uses blockchain technology.”

An anonymous expert was quoted by the news outlet saying, “I’m confident that this year will see a massive popularization of blockchain technology as we see Samsung take the plunge into the blockchain industry.”

The ‘industry official’ was quoted by The Korea Herald saying that the digital currency wallet system will be popularized vastly once these Samsung smartphones arrive in Korea.

News1 told that Samsung had confirmed that they have been able to file blockchain as well as patents related to wallet successfully “in South Korea, the UK, and Europe” in 2018.

There were claims made that the latest Galaxy S10 smartphones had ‘cold storage crypto vault’ and Samsung declined this claim in December. Meanwhile, this time when the latest smartphones are claimed to have these technologies in them, the big techies seem to remain silent and are sitting back and enjoying publicity free of cost before the launch nears.

Another move that is possible to happen is that Kakao which is South Korea’s internet giant’ as well as Samsung is going to begin to bit for Nexon which is a gaming firm and also the owner of two digital currency exchanges, Korbit and Bitstamp as per InvestChosun report.

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