Price Prediction for Bitcoin 2020 – Can we consider Bitcoin for Investment?

Price Prediction for Bitcoin 2020

In 2009, Bitcoin was brought into existence by an anonymous developer known as “Satoshi Nakamoto” and from there; it was termed as the first and the original cryptocurrency. Bitcoin permits people to send and receive funds without intermediaries; it is known as the centralized payment system.

About Bitcoin Price Prediction

Bitcoin price prediction is all about how Bitcoin could perform in the forthcoming years. Further, Bitcoin’s future price predictions are done based on the research. Real-time Bitcoin price predictions can be done after considering the past trends, given the instability nature of the cryptocurrency market. Given below are the few aspects of Bitcoin price prediction.

  • John McAfee

One of the Bitcoin enthusiasts, John McAfee comes up with the price prediction; and recently became more optimistic and declared that Bitcoin price might reach around 1 million USD by the year 2020. Apart from this, other altcoins like MTC and Apollo could rise 10x and more, as said by John. Recently he noted that his Bitcoin prediction of 1 million USD was just a pretense.

  • Bobby Lee

CEO of China’s first exchange, BTCC, Bobby Lee remarked that it might take 20 years for Bitcoin to reach 1 million USD. He also said Bitcoin might recommence from late 2020 and might reach 333,000 dollars in 2021 and then go down to 41000 dollars in 2023. He further enumerated that the market capital could reach 7 trillion dollars, that might overtake the market cap of gold and Bitcoin would establish global liquidity and price stability in the forthcoming years.

  • Tom Lee

Ex-chief equity strategist JP Morgan and co-founder and head of research of Fundstrat, Tom Lee says, after the Bitcoin halving event which is expected in May 2020; Bitcoin would deliver 100 percent returns to its investors in the year 2020. Recently, he predicted that Bitcoin’s short-term potential might hit a long-lasting hight of 27000 dollars by summer 2020.

  • Tim Draper

One of the well-known venture capitalists, Tim Draper predicted that Bitcoin might go up to 0.5% of the cryptocurrency market by 2023. Also, he is optimistic that the Bitcoin price would grow up by 250,000 dollars by 2023.

  • Fran Strajnar

Founder and CEO of Techemy ltd, Fran Strajnar, is very optimistic about the Bitcoin price and believes that Bitcoin can reach around 200,000 dollars by January 2020; he considers that the adoption rate is directly proportional to the increase in price. If the adoption rate is more, the increase in value will be more.

  • Osato Avan-Nomayo

Analyst and one of the authors at, Osato says that Bitcoin prediction will be based on the 2020 Bitcoin mining reward which will be halved from 12.5 BTC to 6.25 BTC.

Bitcoin Price Prediction 2022 & 2025

By 2022, Bitcoin can go up to 32000 dollars given the developments are stable. Further, Bitcoin price prediction states that the Bitcoin price will go for long-term 385.450281 percent in the price value of Bitcoin considering a 5-year investment; which means by 2025, Bitcoin price might be anticipated at 50044.6 dollars.

Wrap up

In the Future, Bitcoin can take the crypto industry to a whole new dimension altogether. As per analysis and predictions, Bitcoin is wrapped up in number-one position without any competition; slowly Bitcoin might be taken as a store of value along with being taken as an alternative currency. By 2025, Bitcoin can be adopted more by people in real-time and its use case will be increased; which will make the cryptocurrency even more strong and powerful. You can also invest or trade-in Bitcoin. Bitcoin Trader is one of the automated trading platforms which can lead you to a good amount of profits. Visit to know more about this trading platform.

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