ReserveEx is a recently established trading platform that invites traders to explore more than 20,000 financial markets around the world. Traders can trade a rich arsenal of trading instruments on its platform, ranging from cryptocurrencies to currency options, soft commodities, energy commodities, precious metals, and stocks. The owners and designers of ReserveEx have created their platform with this idea in mind: to introduce online crypto trading to people of all social classes, people with different incomes, and people belonging to different generations.

Overview of reserveex

As ReserveEx’s creators say, the trading of cryptocurrencies online should be spread to all corners of the world, regardless of whether a trader has wealth, a social status, or rich trading experience. Everyone who is interested in online trading should enjoy the convenience of trying his or her hand at trading. And this is exactly what ReserveEX has come to do. It has built its platform to give equal trading opportunities to every trader.   

REX Secret Channel

Before writing the present review of ReserveEX’s platform, our team has scrutinized the software, tools, and services offered by the company with unblinking scrutiny. Our overall impression of ReserveEx was highly favorable, since we did not find a single fault with the platform’s design, structure, and functionality. It is sophisticated, well-equipped with all necessary advanced tools, and is easy to use. No trader coming to ReserveEx to gain a trading experience will feel daunted. No matter what people’s trading skills are, they will surely learn how to trade at a profit with ReserveEx’s thoughtful guidance and a wide range of tools and services.

Equally important is that the platform is fully licensed and regulated. Traders can stay assured that ReserveEx is a trustworthy partner who will protect their funds and will never leave them penniless in the lurch. As the company’s creators say, their goal is to turn people into better traders rather than make them run away from trading in frustration and anger. Therefore, they do everything in their power to make trading with ReserveEx an exciting, memorable, and profitable experience. And as cryptocurrencies consistently grow in strength, value, and popularity, ReserveEX’s owners also hope that trading with them will become for many traders a turning point in their trading careers that will put them on the road to prosperity.

To give ReserveEx’s platform full justice, we are elaborating below in detail on its constituents, tools, services, and benefits that traders will definitely find enjoyable and useful.

ReserveEx offers the following benefits to its traders:

1. Seamless, Easy User Experience

Traders who leave testimonials about ReserveEx’s platform first and foremost emphasize its easiness of use. The platform is so user-friendly and seamless, despite its sophisticated trading algorithms, that even those people who have never registered with any trading platform experience no difficulty in signing up with ReserveEx. When traders want to open an account with REX, they need to take several easy steps. After users log into the website, they are directed to a record page, where they need to answer several personal questions about themselves. They need to write down their Full Name, Address, Country Code, and Phone Number. Traders are also asked to create a strong alphanumeric password, which will protect their personal data from leakage. When all these details have correctly been filled, traders will be able to activate their trading accounts in their names and log in whenever they want. When they fund their account, they may start trading cryptocurrencies, currencies, commodities, or other assets of their choice.

2. Educational Resources

ReserveEX believes in the power of knowledge. Its creators are convinced that in order to trade successfully, people need to acquire solid knowledge of trading rules and of trading strategies. As trading does not depend on luck but on the understanding of its processes and of financial markets, ReserveEx makes an all-out effort to educate its users. Its arsenal of educational trading materials is truly rich. Traders can go to the company’s website and familiarize themselves with the latest news from global financial markets. Markets’ latest updates are posted on every morning, informing traders about assets’ latest moves so that they can capitalize on new trading opportunities as soon as they appear.


There are also deep analyses of assets’ trends, posted on the website to give traders directions on how to trade at a profit. In addition to daily market reviews, ReserveEX regularly posts educational articles covering various aspects of trading, financial markets, and assets. Those traders who prefer engaging in a dialogue with trading experts and other investors can attend ReserveEx’s regularly hosted seminars and webinars. Highly informative and dynamic, these seminars and webinars are specifically designed to give full answers to any questions that traders might ask. Always prerecorded, ReserveEx’s webinars are stored in the webinar library for traders’ convenience. If they want to brush up their knowledge on any specific topic, traders are welcome to access the webinar library whenever they want. The material they seek will always be there for traders’ education and professional development.

Depending on the account traders open, ReserveEx also arranges one-on-one consultations with account managers and market analysts. In the conversations with ReserveEx’s specialists, traders not only discuss their trading strategies but also learn how to minimize a risk of bankruptcy.  As ReserveEx aims to bring its traders to prosperity, its trading experts devote much of their time and energy to teaching traders how to manage risks and reap rewards even at the most volatile markets.   

3. Different Accounts

ReserveEx believes in the universal nature of trading and, therefore, caters to traders with different trading backgrounds, different professional experience, and different financial goals. It aims to attract various types of traders by creating the most convenient conditions for every individual interested in using its services. To accommodate different traders, the company has created five trading accounts, each of which offers dissimilar sets of services and requires a different initial deposit. Such a large variety of trading accounts allows every trader to find conditions most suitable to his or her trading goals and financial capacities.

The trading accounts offered by ReserveEx to its traders are as follows:

standard rex

REX Standard

REX Standard is the most basic account designed for people who are just taking the first step in the world of trading or are doing trading as a side project. Before they turn trading into their main line of work, ReserveEx allows traders to make the smallest minimum deposit – only $500. The maximum leverage they have with REX Standard is up to 100. Traders also receive trading tips and gain full access to the educational center. ReserveEx’s senior account manager is always available to lend traders a helping hand with their trading problems and queries. When users open the REX Standard account, they also can enjoy a Standard Swap and Standard Spreads.



REX+ includes more bonuses than the company’s most basic account, REX Standard. The maximum leverage it offers is up to 200. The maximum deposit that traders pay to begin trading is $5,000. Because REX+ is designed for people who have already tried their hand at trading but have probably not turned it into their full-time job yet, ReserveEx lets them exchange trading ideas with experts once a week. Discussing trading weekly keeps owners of the REX+ account up to date with the latest developments at financial markets around the world. With this custom account, traders also receive Swap with up to 10% discount and standard spreads.


REX Gold

REX Gold gives traders more exclusive options than do REX Standard and REX+. If they open the REX Gold trading account, they will talk to the account manager, learn trading with the help of the educational resources, and visit the webinar library at their convenience. ReserveEX’s experts further assist traders with creating their unique risk management plan. With this plan, they avoid getting hurt in the market. The specialists discuss trading with users on a daily basis. To open the REX Gold account, traders need to deposit $25,000. Their maximum leverage is up to 1: 400. They also have Swap with up to 25% discount and enjoy Gold Spreads.



REXpert is a step-up from ReserveEx’s other three accounts, because it is designed to mold people into expert traders. By opening the REXpert account, users enjoy the benefits of talking to the company’s knowledgeable market analyst who assists them with reducing risks. In tandem with the analyst, traders design a working risk management plan. The REXpert account gives traders access to a direct line to a trading room, which allows them to capitalize on less risky day trades. They also receive commercial trade insurance. Cashbacks are guaranteed, when traders need them. To open the REXpert account, users are required to make a deposit of $100,000. Their maximum leverage is 1:400. They receive up to 50% discount on Swap and enjoy Expert Spreads.

REX Platinum card

REX Platinum

As ReserveEx’s most indulging account, REX Platinum includes the maximum number of services and bonuses. In particular, it distributes personal invitations to the company’s VIP events. At these social gatherings, traders have an opportunity to meet other successful traders, form new connections with influential investors, and enjoy meaningful conversations about financial markets, stocks, commodities, currencies, bonds, and politics. With this account, traders also enjoy privileges such as daily exchanges of trading ideas with senior account managers and dedicated market analysts. Users also gain access to a trading room. ReserveEx offers this service so that traders can capitalize on less risky day trades. To protect traders from bankruptcy, the company also gives them commercial trade insurance. With the REX Platinum account, traders enjoy Platinum Spreads.   

4. Numerous Trading Instruments

ReserveEx goes further than the majority of trading platforms in offering a wide range of trading instruments for people to buy or sell. In the time when cryptocurrencies are becoming one of the most profitable assets, the company invites traders to invest in Bitcoin and other virtual money. At the same time, however, it offers more traditional assets to those traders who still approach cryptocurrencies with skepticism. At ReserveEx, traders can trade currencies, soft and energy commodities, and precious metals. All in all, traders can invest in more than 16,000 assets on this platform.

REX Trading Platform

Those traders who have an eye on soft commodities can trade cotton, coffee, sugar, and other agricultural products. Due to high fluctuations, frequent at soft commodities markets, traders can take advantage of frequent changes in products’ prices and make money even during the time of economic instability and concomitant downtrends.

The most popular trading instrument at ReserveEx is the currency option, as is evidenced by traders’ testimonials and comments. There are all major currency pairs offered at this platform, with occasional trading of more are currencies not dependent on the American dollar. To help traders understand the trajectory of a certain pair, ReserveEx regularly posts a deep analysis of currencies’ trends.

There are also such assets as energy commodities and precious metals. Among energy commodities that ReserveEx’s users can trade are renewable commodities and non-renewable commodities such as oil, natural gas, and coal. The price of these commodities depends on geopolitical situations, emerging technologies, and weather. ReserveEX ensures that every little change in these factors is made known to its traders so that they take advantage of price fluctuations and earn a profit.  Such precious metals as gold, silver, platinum, and palladium are also offered to traders’ attention by ReserveEx. As the value of these precious metals remains high even in hard financial times, they provide a reliable and profitable trade.

5. Platforms Adaptable to Numerous Electronic Devices


ReserveEx’s platforms are adaptable to various electronic devices. Those traders who prefer trading at their office or in the comfortable atmosphere of their homes can access ReserveEx’s website from their stationary computers and laptops. Yet they also can study trading charts on the go, since this trading platform is compatible with iPhone, Android devices, and tablets. What traders need to do to access ReserveEx’s platform on their mobile devices is to download and install a Mobile Trading app. It has an intuitive interface equipped with the most modern features which make trading excessively easy. Once they have installed the Mobile Trading app, traders begin to receive notifications no matter where they are located and whatever they are doing. Even when they are preoccupied with something else, traders are thus given an opportunity to track changes in their assets’ movements and earn handsome profits.

6. Market Analyst’s Assistance

ReserveEx wants its traders to benefit from personal communication with its trading experts. Trading is not an easy feat and is a highly risky enterprise. It often can incur the loss of traders’ entire capital and make them insolvent. This is the development that ReserveEx takes pains to prevent. Therefore, it offers one-on-one consultations with market analysts to owners of almost all types of trading accounts. A market analyst not only shares his knowledge of markets’ rules and their inner workings with traders but also analyzes traders’ own trading history and trading strategies. The analyst helps traders see which of their investments was successful and which caused losses.

trading ideas

Apart from analyzing people’s trading history, ReserveEx’s specialists assist them with designing a risk management plan. As all traders know full well, risk management is the most essential part of trading. Traders need to know how to cut their losses and when to leave the market to remain solvent. Without a working risk management plan, any trader can face bankruptcy. ReserveEx’s experts help traders avoid this unwelcome scenario by teaching them to manage risk well. Traders can reach their market analysts via emails or phones and enjoy the privilege of conversing with them face-to-face. Owners of some types of accounts can even talk to their market specialists every day.  Thanks to this service, traders at ReserveEx quickly start trading at a profit and manage their risks smartly.

7. Helpful Customer Support

ReserveEx has attracted traders from many countries. At the last count, people from 120 countries turned to it for help with trading. Answering queries of people speaking so many languages can be daunting. Yet employees at ReserveEx speak all major European and Middle Eastern languages and, hence, can offer assistance to people from any part of the world. ReserveEx’s customer support team is available seven days a week at any hour. Traders are welcome to contact the customer support team via email or WhatsApp, or a cloud-based messaging app Telegram. They can also phone ReserveEx directly. All phone numbers and emails are written on the company’s website. Any trader who has logged in can contact the Customer Support team at his or her convenience.

ReserveEx’s Legitimacy

ReserveEx is a fully regulated and legitimate platform. It is transparent and never charges traders extra fees for its services. It also holds a valid trading license. The language in which its content is written does not have any technical jargon that can confuse traders about the company’s offerings and services. Anyone wishing to try his or her hand at trading can open an account at ReserveEx, log in, and start trading. Many traders leaving their comments and testimonials about the company confirm that it is a safe trading platform. There was no incident pointing to the unsafety of ReserveEx. Nor was there any complaint about its tools or services. Although ReserveEx is a relatively new platform, there are no negative records speaking against its legitimacy or its work ethics.

Takeaway Points

ReserveEx provides traders with a rich arsenal of trading instruments and trading tools. Its platform is safe to trade cryptocurrencies, currencies, and various commodities at numerous financial markets. A range of its services is also wide. The company also shares with their traders thoughtfully collected educational resources designed to teach traders to avoid various financial pitfalls when they trade. Its market analysts and account managers guide traders to profitable trading.

Yet despite the thoughtful care that ReserveEx takes of its clients, it does not guarantee that they will make a living by trading at financial markets or will become rich overnight. However strongly ReserveEx wants its traders to succeed, they are alone responsible for their trading decisions. The company does not owe any obligations to traders if they lose money while trading but hopes that their trading will always be profitable.