Trade99 – World’s Leading Trading Platform for Crypto Trade!


In 2019, Nohelious International Marketing Operations Limited initiated the crypto exchanging platform, Trade99. Besides, the group behind it comprises of different experienced experts, including fintech business visionaries, cybersecurity experts, blockchain specialists, financial advisors, and legal consultants who have more than 50 years of industry experience.

Trade99 mainly offers leveraged, crypto resource trading services. Enlistment in the A Category enables its users to access the Financial Commission’s protection services. The commission provides mediation and brokerage services for their customers, particularly for resolving issues where the included parties fail to come to a consensus.

  • Leveraged Cryptocurrency Trading

This vital feature offers the user the opportunity for exchanging by enabling the client to trade openly without owning the cryptocurrency or any related resource. This gives a feeling of certainty to the client to get familiar with the complexities of the trade without feeling overburdened about the responsibility for crypto.Trade99 offers five kinds of leveraged cryptocurrency exchanging and trade.

  • Trading categories
  1. Trade99 offers the opportunity to choose from five diverse trading classifications like soft products, valuable metals, energy commodities, indices, and cryptocurrency. Moreover, soft commodities comprise of different farming items, livestock, and other industrial crops which are grown instead of extracted from the earth. These are viewed as fundamental things for societies, which give a decent exchanging prospect.
  2. Furthermore, the second category has a place with valuable metals, which mostly comprise platinum, gold, and silver. There are different metals which are exchanged on the trade daily through the mentioned metals that take center stage in the exchanging procedure.
  3. The fifth classification offered by Trade99 is cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrencies are a digital type of money that uses the blockchain technology for the P2P trade process. In Trade99, unlike other categories, users can exchange cryptocurrency and speculate about their costs in this platform.
  • Flexibility 

Trade99 comprehends how daily activities have progressed in trading. To make crypto exchanging less complicated and progressively proficient, this platform offers traders a decent scope of adaptability in picking devices for trading. This platform can be used in mobile or desktop, which has been secured by Trade99. The trading options device choices are Android Trading App, iPhone Trading App, and Tablet exchanging App.

  • Webtrader

Webtrader is the Trade99 android exchanging application, where the customers can never miss out on a trade. Webtrader has similar tools and features, and customers can make the most of Trade99’s web trader, the best android exchanging application, which can be utilized in anyplace and anytime.

  • MetaTrader5

MetaTrader5 is an exceptionally advanced and beneficial feature that permits the crypto traders to up their game to a few indents. This exchanging platform is stuffed with cutting edge exchanging elements that incorporate professional support for trading different financial trading; crypto leveraged exchanging, future markets and crypto trades, etc.

Finally, when it comes to the adaptability of choice, it is difficult to match the competency of Trade99. In a single platform, users get the option of exchanging five various categories. Add to this comfort of trading with leveraged digital currency, the experience of exchanging at Trade99 is worth mentioning. Apart from these benefits, Trade99 has excellent customer support 24×7 to help its customers.

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